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Legal Nurse Consulting

We are a great resource for your legal team to convert chaotic & unorganized medical records with confusing medical jargons, into a concise, sensible, easy-to-understand chronological report. Our reports are backed by literature research and a team of nurses with decades of knowledge and hands-on experience across vast variety of specialities to provide you with the best results.

Case Merit Reviews

Before taking on a case and investing all of your time and energy, would you like to know if the case is worthwhile? We can provide quick case analysis for merit, damages, causation, and breach of duty so you can better manage your time, resources, and energy into cases that will result your legal firm the most return.

Comprehensive Chronologies & Timelines

We can break down medical records into a chronological report and timeline, translating medical terminology and events to give you a precise understanding of relevant facts to strengthen your case. We use up-to-date medical literature to back your claims, along with summaries, charts, and graphics if you need. We can custom tailor your reports to your needs and preferences. Save time, money and energy with our services and get our professional analysis to set your legal team up for the best case scenario.

Litigation Graphics

We all know that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Visuals can make the conveying of information much easily understood by jurors than spoken words. The retention is also much greater with the combination of hearing and seeing than just hearing alone. Whether you need visual medical timelines, before and after diagrams, or causation and damages charts, let us help you build visual case strategies to consolidate juror understanding and strengthen recall in the jury room.

Medical Expert Testimony

We have medical expert witnesses from a vast variety of specialities. Our specialists have top-tier qualifications and many years of hands-on experience that demonstrate their credibility, making them valuable assets in your cases. Our experts are practicing clinicians and are qualified to prepare affidavits, provide written opinions, and testify in trial. We will match you with the most qualified professional for your case.

Demand Letters

Your demand letter is the most effective negotiation instrument you have. We'll compile our professional analysis of medical records and bills, relevant information and facts, with visual graphics and any necessary witness affidavits to ensure we position your personal injury cases in the most impactful way, in order to get the maximum out of your settlement negotiations process.

Defense Medical Exams

DME is not designed to provide medical advice or treatment to your client. The exam's goal is to assist the defendant in defending against your case. The doctor who will examine your client has been hired and paid for by the defense attorney or insurance company. These doctors are not your friend and may not be independent. This is where our Legal Nurse Consultants come in. We are the "eyes and ears" for you and provide comfort to your client under a stressful situation and perhaps a hostile doctor. We also provide a report and timeline of everything that took place, including any unfair assessment or strategies that a biased doctor may play. Equip yourself with our DME nurses that can become a rebuttal witness at trial .

And Many More...

Whether you need simple transcription & translation of medical records or summary reports, to trial & deposition preparation and class action, consider us there to support you and your legal team every step of the way.

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