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Legal Nurse

Attention Attorneys

Save Time.

Save Money.

Increase Profits.

Legal Nurse Consulting

Attention Attorneys

Save Time.

Save Money.

Increase Profits.

What We Do

We Strengthen Your Cases Involving Medical Records

We can take thousands of pages of chaotic & unorganized medical records & jargons, transform them into a concise, sensible, easy-to-understand chronological report. Let us do the heavy lifting with the medical records, so you and your legal team can do what you do best - to prepare and focus on your legal strategy to win your case.

Our Commitment

We Are Committed To Your Success.

With our vast variety of services, we are committed to bring you speed, consistency, accuracy, efficiency & accountability. We know how challenging your work is and the level of commitment you have to your clients. Let us help you stay on top of your game.

How Can We Help?

Full Suite of Services

✔️ Case Merit Reviews

✔️ Comprehensive Chronologies & Timelines

✔️ Medical Record Summary Reports

✔️ Transcription & Translation of Medical Records

✔️ Trial & Deposition Preparation

✔️ Litigation Graphics

✔️ Expert Testimony

✔️ Demand Letters

✔️ Defense Medical Exams

✔️ And More, Just Ask!

Cases We Cover

✔️ Medical Malpractice

✔️ Wrongful Death

✔️ Personal & Catastrophic Injury

✔️ Criminal Cases

✔️ Toxic Tort

✔️ Elder Care & Abuse

✔️ Long-Term Care Litigation

✔️ Doctor & Nurse Negligence

✔️ Pharmaceutical & Product Liability

✔️ Drug & Alcohol Related Cases

✔️ Environmental & Chemical Cases

✔️ Defense/Independent Medical Examinations

✔️ Workers Compensation

✔️ Insurance Law

✔️ Class Action

✔️ Any Medical Related Cases

About Us

Our team of dedicated & experienced nurses offer a wide inventory of nursing specialties with hands-on experience that is crucial to understanding the strengths & red flags in your case. We provide analysis & expert opinions to ensure you can be confident in your preparation and legal strategy.

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