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Tommy Nguyen graduated from nursing school with his BSN from University of California, Irvine in 2009 and immediately launched his nursing career in Critical Care with UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange, California. This level 1 trauma hospital is rated among the nation's best hospitals by U.S. News & World for 21 consecutive years. From the start of his nursing career, Tommy quickly acquired his Critical Care experience at UC Irvine Medical Center, home to renowned healthcare providers and leading-edge medical facilities, starting in the county's Regional Burn Center to hospital float pool servicing the following speciality units:

✔️ Burn Intensive Care Unit

✔️ Surgical Intensive Care Unit

✔️ Medical Intensive Care Unit

✔️ Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

✔️ Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit

✔️ Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

After diversifying his Critical Care experience, Tommy pursued Travel Nursing and Critical Care Transport. This allowed new opportunities of growth in understanding various nursing and medical equipment, charting systems, and policy & procedures into new healthcare settings such as emergency room, medical clinics, dialysis center, nursing homes, and home health.

Tommy continued his ambition further in business with senior care placement agency simultaneously throughout his nursing career. He eventually ran multiple businesses servicing business owners in all areas and consulting to increase their growth and profits.

Things came to a turn after his grandfather passed away due to nursing home neglect which eventually inspired him to take the leap in Legal Nurse Consulting. Combining his nursing and business experience, Conquest Legal Nurse Consulting was created to provide excellent and quality service to his attorney clients - but most importantly of all - it was critical to ensure that our attorney clients are equipped with the best results so they can do what they do best - to serve their clients the justice they deserve and to see to it that the healthcare system hold up the highest standard in providing the best health care to our community nation wide.

Medical Legal Consulting

You Can Rely On

If you're an attorney and work with legal cases involving illness, injury, or death - we can help. Whether you're on the side of plaintiff or defense, we can take thousands of pages of chaotic & unorganized medical records with confusing medical jargons, and transform them into a concise, sensible, easy-to-understand chronological report with only the relevant data & events to strengthen your case, along with preparing red flags that can be brought up by the opposing counsel. With our team of legal nurse consultants, decades of hands-on nursing experience & accustomed critical thinking & analysis, we're able to filter through the medical records in a much more efficient process to save you time & money than your team of staff. This allows you and your legal team to do what you guys do best - to prepare and focus on your legal strategy to win your case.

What services can we provide for your legal team?

✔️ Case Merit Reviews

✔️ Comprehensive Chronologies & Timelines

✔️ Medical Record Summary Reports

✔️ Transcription & Translation of Medical Records

✔️ Trial & Deposition Preparation

✔️ Litigation Graphics

✔️ Expert Testimony

✔️ Demand Letters

✔️ Defense Medical Exams

✔️ And More, Just Ask!

What area can our team of legal nurse consultants assist with?

✔️ Medical Malpractice

✔️ Wrongful Death

✔️ Personal & Catastrophic Injury

✔️ Criminal Cases

✔️ Toxic Tort

✔️ Elder Care & Abuse

✔️ Long-Term Care Litigation

✔️ Doctor & Nurse Negligence

✔️ Pharmaceutical & Product Liability

✔️ Drug & Alcohol Related Cases

✔️ Environmental & Chemical Cases

✔️ Defense/Independent Medical Examinations

✔️ Workers Compensation

✔️ Insurance Law

✔️ Class Action

✔️ Any Medical Related Cases

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